The Importance of a Bridge Site


The Importance of a Bridge Site 

If you are like most Internet entrepreneurs, you start to collect different websites or web presences that are useful for generating traffic back to your site.  Some of these places, like Digg, Facebook, or article archives can be a great resource in advertising your sales website on the Internet to specific demographics.

  However, many third-party sites have specific rules about the types of pages that people can use in their comments, their articles, and/or biographical information.  Ezinearticles, for instance, won't allow you to link back to a sales page, and yet, this is at the heart of Internet marketing.  You wouldn't be out there, if you weren't trying to get someone to buy something from you.  So, what do you do? 

That's where you start to realize that there are ways to get around the rules that others put in place to limit your Internet marketing activities, and bridge sites are an important strategy to exploit. Even when a third-party doesn't ban you for linking to a sales page, there are also other times when it's just jarring to go from a link, say like in Facebook, to a sales page.  In some ways, social networkers will judge such a move as “too commercial” and you can lose credibility in your authenticity that way.  So, again, you want to implement a bridge site to smooth the way. 

Why Blogs Are Ideal Bridge Sites 

Web logs, a.k.a. “blogs,” are an excellent way to bridge from a site like a user-interactive social networking site to a commercial sales page.  That's because they tend to be a mix of both.  You have your daily blogs that you post, that are typically informal, casual in tone, and friendly, and you have links that are put on a blog that are expected to link to more commercial endeavors. 

The casual style is much in keeping with the style of social networking, and so it is less jarring to people who can be harvested from these sites and do not realize that they have begun to be marketed. 

This gives you an edge because there is less buyer's resistance on this format.  Also, as long as you own the blog, you can link to anything that you want to link to, so that makes it ideal as a bridge site.  And, the major search engines love to crawl blogs frequently because of the way content is updated more regularly, so you get a wider audience.  

In addition, you can put links in your blog posts that send people to different sales pages.  You can set up a blog anonymously or with a pseudonym, and thus, no one has to know that the links you promote are from your own website.  Once someone visits your blog, they should have an easy to remember URL that is all yours.

Blogs can be addictive because the information should be updated once daily, if not more.  As long as the information is informative and entertaining, you can get people to subscribe to your blog.  This converts them from an anonymous viewer to someone who is now basically entering your sales funnel.  You can then begin to offer them some deals or introduce them to the product lineups on other websites you own, that can convert them from subscriber to customer.

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